Friday, 19 April 2013

Question 3

What have you learned from your audience feedback?

Feedback helped me greatly throughout my coursework this is because it was important for me to understand the things I was doing right and the things I was doing wrong. It was also important for me to see if I was appealing to my target audience or not. Firstly I received feedback from peers to see what interested them and what audience they would fit into, I then used this information to gain inspiration of what to include in my music video as I knew the types of things which appealed to my target audience.  

Through general conversations with my peers I learned that most of them enjoyed a performance based video as the majority of them like the rock genre and this is of course stereotypical of that genre. I quickly realized however that this wouldn’t work for my own video due to the fact that it was part of the Country/Indie genre. I then began to play around with several ideas and came up with a rather abstract narrative, where the lyrics to the song appear on playing cards. I then spoke to my peers again to discuss my new ideas and the majority of them thought that this was a creative and imaginative way idea. 

After I had completed my music video, I had a screening of my music video for my peers, I received positive feedback, however some criticism pointed out a few errors such as how the timing of some of my shots were slightly off and that the lip syncing wasn’t always in time with the music. This bothered me a considerable amount so I decided to go back and edit this part of my video to ensure that it was as perfect as I could possibly make it. Without this audience feedback I doubt I would have been able to notice these changes and make the decision to change them, therefore I owe quite a lot to those who gave me feedback and noticed the mistakes after the first draft. 

Gaining feedback from different audience and mainly my target audience helped me throughout the project and allowed me to create an appealing video for my target audience, and allowed me to gain opinions from others rather than forming a bias view of my own product, as I said earlier I wouldn’t have been able to notice certain mistakes in my first draft without audience feedback. It also showed me that developing my ideas through planning is important and that my initial idea will not always be as successful as first thought, as it changed a great deal from my initial thought to my final product.

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