Friday, 19 April 2013

Question 2

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

From similar product research I was able to note that all musicians have a house theme which can be seen throughout their album artwork, merchandising and magazine adverts. Thus, in order to keep to the conventions, I aimed to maintain a house theme throughout my main and ancillary tasks.

 The three products I have created – music video, magazine advert, and digipack – all act to promote the sale of the album, as they have a symbiotic relationship. A music video has many purposes: these are to entertain, to promote and to give a message. I would say that my music video does all three of these things due to the fact that it is quite unique and therefore can be considered entertaining to audiences, it also includes the band members in the video which promotes the band to the audience and finally every person interprets things differently which means that it is likely that each individual will perceive a different message from my video.

 In my opinion the only purpose of the magazine advert is to promote the album and the band themselves. I think my magazine advert does this as it displays the fact that the album can be purchased on CD and download. Furthermore the review quote and four stars at the top of the page act as a way of convincing the audience that they should buy the album. In my magazine advert I used an image of a first aid kit, it thought this was quite clever and entertaining for my audiences at it links directly to the name of the band itself as they are called First Aid Kit.
The purpose of the digipak is to convince them to make the final step of buying the album. To do this I continued the house theme that had been featured in my magazine advert. I used the same fonts in my magazine advert as well and this adds to the house style which is continued throughout my products. For the inside of my digipak, I stuck to my house theme with using the images of first aid kits and the same font as what I used on the magazine advert and front and back cover.

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